Sunday, June 23, 2013

6/24/2013: Transfer 13 - And another bites the dust....

Hey howdy,

Well, we got our transfer calls, and it looks like both Elder H. and I are staying in Yokosuka, and thus will be becoming Tokyo South Missionaries. This means a couple of things, firstly being that since we're not transferring P-day is today. Second is that this transfer will be only 3 weeks long, since the South mission's transfer schedule needs to be off set from the North Mission (so the MTC can manage missionaries and such). Thirdly, I have no clue when my return date is going to be, and won't until next Tuesday at the earliest (and even that isn't overly likely). I'll send info about that whenever I get it. Lastly it means I won't get a chance to say "Hi" to Jessica and Andrea before I leave Japan, but I guess the perk there is that I can continue to email them through my mission (since we won't be in the same one). :)

In some ways I'm a little saddened to not be in the North Mission, I had hoped to go back to Yachiyo one more time before I left and tell everyone good-bye, as well as hopefully get a chance to visit with (a less active) family. I'm praying that Jessica or Andrea will get a chance to serve near them and help reactivate them.  It's kind of sad to see my second mission president go as well, I have to admit I was really getting attached. Hopefully the 4 (to 5) months with President Wada will be a good bonding experience as well.

Well anyways, enough with the sad stuffs! I'm excited to be going where the Lord wants me to be. I know he wouldn't have called me to go to the South Mission if there wasn't a specific purpose he has for me to fulfill. Now the only trick is to figure out what that purpose is! Elder H. and I are going to work super hard this 3-week transfer to try and make Yokosuka blossom into a super busy area. The change in Mission Presidents, I feel, is going to keep me busy working to make my first impression on President Wada a good one (seeing how it's also kind of my last impression). Thankfully I have something to help keep me focused and avoid getting trunky. Plus I get to say I served in TWO missions! :D


Elder Mosdell

I'm guessing this is at a district meeting

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