Monday, June 17, 2013


Well, this week was sadly not too great as far as lessons and such goes again. I'm still having a hard time figuring out why we're haven't been able to find new investigators and why our lessons are all falling through. I know it's about the people not the numbers, but I'm having a hard time feeling like we're really getting much done.

Of course now that I say that, I've taken a step back and realized how many miracles we've seen this week in Fussa...

Friday we went streeting and housing, all day long we ended up talking with older guys who really didn't have any interest in the church. I felt like it ended up being a bit of a waste in the end, but talking to so many people (even if they didn't have interest) really made him feel happy.

We also had a lot of non-members come to the English ward this week for a baby blessing of a part-member family. It was really neat, and all of them that I talked with said that they really enjoyed coming to church. It was a way awesome experience to get to talk about the Russell M. Nelson talk "Ask the Missionaries" during church as well, because that made it super easy to talk to them and exchange info. No return appointments yet, but they mentioned that it was the most "楽しい" church they'd been to, and they already have AMAZING relations with the ward.

I guess it wasn't really such a bad week, it just feels kind of like we're not moving forward very well. (One investigator) just messaged us last night and told us that he doesn't believe that this is the true church of Christ, and that he doesn't think that meeting with us will help anymore. I'm a little worried about what is going to happen, but I'd like to try and meet with him at least one more time before anything is really decided (especially since it's been almost 3 weeks since we've actually met with him)... I know that what ever happens though, the Lord knows what's best.

We were able to meet with Sister H. this last Thursday again, and the lesson went pretty well. We were didn't reset her baptismal date, but I feel like we helped her understand better what faith is, and how she needs to grow it. She is still having a hard time coming to church and keeping commitments, but I think she understands better now the point of a commitment. Hopefully we can help her see more of the blessings of the things we're asking her to do now, and then she'll have a greater desire to do them.

Elder S. has been doing great this last week. He really likes talking, so even though he has a hard time sometimes with knowing what to say, he'll fight his way through it. I was amazed at how many times he answer questions in the Japanese ward! His Japanese defiantly wasn't perfect, but he has the desire to speak and learn, and put things that he learns into practice right the next day. He's really a hard working Elder!


Thanks everyone, sorry this week came a little slower than normal.


-Elder Jeff Mosdell


ジェッフ モスデル

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