Monday, June 17, 2013


Hey howdy! The Elder Nelson Conference this last Friday was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed it lot, and came away with a lot from it. I've made a few goals from things that were talked about and would like to share them with you if that's OK. (And if it's not then I guess too bad :P )

1. Be a missionary that Astonishes by: -Bearing sincere testimony often. -Studying the doctrines that I will be testifying about each to strengthen my conviction.

2. Showing my gratitude by: -not letting miracles loose their value. => writing 3 miracles I've seen daily in my journal -Never having a "same old day".

3. Be a more effective missionary at helping God's children around me by: -understanding how to use family history in finding. -Use the only weapon we have, Love. -Become trilingual (Eng., Jap., and the Lang. of the Lord.) -Focus more on uniting with the ward leaders, they have the keys.

I also really liked what Elder Nelson said in response to the question about people not having time to talk/meet with us, and I'm working on incorporating that into my daily proselyting. He talked about how it's important for us to take time to feed our bodies, why not take some time and feed our spirits as well. It really was such a great conference, and I was truly edified from it.

This week we've still had a bit of a hard time meeting with everyone, but we did see several small miracles. Sometimes it feels like we're not really getting anything done, but I know that we're working hard to do everything we can, and that we don't necessarily have control over whether or not an investigator actually does what we ask/commit them to do. Hopefully we'll be able to start kicking it into gear again pretty soon.


Sorry this update is a little shorter than normal, if I missed anything email me and let me know! :)



-Elder Jeff Mosdell

Quote of the week: "Bribes are allowed in the church... Now where's your cookies. ;)" -Elder Nelson (Speaking to a Sister Missionary who had just said that her and her companion strengthened their relationship with the bishop's family by taking them cookies).

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