Monday, June 17, 2013

5/20/2013 : Elder Mosdell Eats a dragon(fruit)

Hey howdy!

This last week has been an interesting one. There have been a lot of lost things in the last 6 days... On my way to Yokosuka I discovered that I had lost my MSF card, and thusly have had minimal funds the last week. Hopefully I'll be getting my new card sometime within the next week. Elder H. and I lost the phone on our way from Yokohama station to Yokosuka station, but luckily he was able to find it again, that's a long a funny story. Lastly we also lost his backpack after handing out Eikaiwa flyers one night. He has been really upset about that since he literally just bought a new camera the week before, as well as left his white hand book (carrying his backup funds) and several copies of the Book of Mormon. We have yet to find that, though thankfully he's now coming to grips with the fact that we likely won't be able to find it at this point, and that in spite of our fasting and much prayer, it must just be the Lord's will that we not find it. Anyways, that's the better part of the excitement we've had this week.

I've gotten to meet several of the less-active members, and they're really great people. I'm not 100% sure why some of them are less active. One, a returned missionary, really enjoys the missionaries and coming to English/Japanese class though I sadly didn't see him at church. :\

So far Elder H. and I have been making fairly good progress on our goals for increasing Eikaiwa attendance to 100 people by the end of this transfer. Due to the rain we only at 30 or so people come last week, but in the span of two days we've been able to for sure hang up 17 posters at Convenience stores (like 7-11), with several more waiting for approval from store owners.  We thought that was amazing! I'm hoping that attendance this coming Thursday will more than double via our efforts, and that we'll be able to start setting up some intro lessons to get some investigators as well!

I think that's all I have for this week, can't wait for interviews on Tuesday!


ジェッフ モスデル

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