Monday, June 17, 2013

5/27/2013: 35 posters hung up across Yokosuka? *check*

Tuesday was interviews, and I really enjoyed those. It was nice to get to ask about how exactly referrals are supposed to be counted and such. I was a little bummed to find out that if I'm in South Mission that my return date will be changed, likely to the 22nd of November or even later. I really don't know how that's going to effect my getting everything set up for college when I get back, but I guess for now I need to just leave it in the Lord's hands and let it sort out a little bit. At least until I know for certain which mission I'll be in.

Wednesday we had a good lesson with Brother K., though he didn't come to church again. I think he's still having a hard time getting to church. I want to get a member there to pick him up... but I don't know who can do that. :\

Thursday was English class, which went pretty well, we had several old students come back, as well as three new students! I was excited at the growth, but was a little disappointed with the fact that in spite of all the new faces our numbers still were lower than they were the week before on a rainy day. :\ I'm hoping we'll start seeing more success next week.

We spent most of our day so far helping the couple missionaries get their Skype and internet router working. >.< What a mess that was! After much messing around and frustration we got the wireless setup, but their internet source (the phone line) wasn't connecting. At this point we'll have to wait for the tech staff or the mission office and see if the internet access login info we had was incorrect or not. Hopefully they'll be moving to a new apartment in the next month or so and will get a new Internet Code.


I think that's it for this week, sorry it's kind of short and all.


ジェッフ モスデル

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