Monday, June 17, 2013


Well this was another interesting week, Elder S. and I have found several new places to work, and had a few new ideas of ways that we can work around Fussa. I'm excited because I'm hoping something new will bring more investigators, but my favorite thus far is that we've found a really nice road next to the Tama River that has lots of people on it. We think we'll be able to effectively street contact it, which is exciting to me because I've really felt bad that I've not been able to train Elder S. on how to street very well at all.

This week as far as investigators go, we had a lesson with Sister H. that went really well. (Another) family joined the lesson for us, and they really helped. We taught  about the importance of praying daily, but she didn't 100% understand why she really needed prayer daily. She understands why to pray when we're having large trails, or things that we can't overcome on our own, but I don't think she understands that God really just wants to hear from her, even about the smaller things. We tried to explain that prayer is less of a repairman service, and more of a conversation with a loved one. With the help from the family we were able to help her understand that as she prayed daily she'd come to understand the importance of it better. She committed to praying daily, and we promised her that she would see the blessings that come from it. She came to church with her son this week as well, and they enjoyed it.

We met with (another investigator) this week as well. He came to Church (which we were a little surprised about since we've not been able to contact him all week again). He seemed to enjoy sacrament meeting, but when we sat down to talk with him afterwards for a lesson he was so hungry because of some of the medication he's been taking that he told us he couldn't focus, and that he needed to go home and eat. It was really weird because we'd only just started about 5 minutes before. Afterwards he asked in an email for some experiences from when God has answered our prayers, We were really excited when we got to send that one off. We just got a mail from him saying that he doesn't really believe the Book of Mormon to be true, and that even though he's prayed, he doesn't think that it's good to trust in your feelings. We're hopefully going to meet with him on Wednesday and talk a little bit more about it with a member, so we'll see how that goes.

We had a really great day yesterday for finding too! I was on splits with the Zone Leaders, and we were able to find two solid Peruvians that wanted to meet another time, and two other new investigators one of whom we're meeting with tonight! I'm really excited to meet and talk with him. Sadly we got a call on the way back from the temple, and the other new investigator told me that after thinking about it he didn't really have interest anymore, and didn't want to meet. :\ We know kind of where he works, and which train station he goes to on the way home, so we're hoping that we'll get to see him some other time while handing out English class flyers.


I guess I haven't really mentioned this yet, and that's a bit of a failure, but they ARE splitting my mission on July 1st. As of right now that's about all we know. President Budge will be the mission president over the Northern half Mission, and I'm kind of hoping to be in the northern half, if only because I don't want to switch mission presidents again. :P I'll keep you all up to date on anything else I hear. I likely won't know which I'll be in until the week before when transfers is.

I guess that's it for this week, I don't think I forgot anything... sorry it's a little later this week.


Write you all next week!


-Elder Jeff Mosdell

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