Monday, June 17, 2013

4/22/2013: Elder Mosdell meets Kitten Bus

This week was a pretty good week, although we didn't have very many people come to church because the cold weather the last few days has made a lot of people sick. :\

On Tuesday we met with Brother S. (a recent convert of about 8 months). He's been struggling still. We'll be meeting with him again this Tuesday, and working to help him overcome everything. He says he'll be able to start coming back to church in May.

Sister H. was busy this last week and we weren't able to do her lesson on Thursday. Fortunately for us the Bishop and another member met us at the church and went on a "make shift blitz" (it was supposed to be a bunch of home teaching appointments, us, Bishop, and one other member were the only ones that showed up). Elder S. and Bishop visited Her at her home that evening, and had a really good talk. Bishop was very straight forward with her and her son in asking why they hadn't been baptized yet, he also helped explain some things she was having a hard time understanding. I think at our next lesson they'll hopefully be more excepting of a baptismal commitment now. :) We're going for the 25th of May.

(Another investigator) is doing awesome! We met with him again last Wednesday, and taught the plan of salvation. It was really a great lesson, and the whole time he would tell us that he knew that it was the right thing to do, and that he was committed to coming to church every week so that he could make the change he needs to make in his life. He really knows that this is what the Lord wants him to do, and it's been amazing to see him progress so quickly. He's out of town this week until next Wednesday, but we'll be meeting with him on Thursday, and starting off the commandments with him. We should have all of the lessons taught before he leaves again in May, and after he gets back we'll have a week to review with him, and then he's set for baptism on June 1st.

We haven't even heard from (another sister) recently, and I'm not sure she'll make the 11th of May since she didn't come to church yesterday (surprise, it was pouring rain, and she lives 30 minutes by bike from the closest station to her home....). I'm still at a bit of a loss as for what to do with her and her desire to be baptized.

(A sister) and her parents were one of the families that got sick and couldn't come to church. Brother M. has been doing a great job with following up with them, and has been REALLY helpfull! We got a call from him at 6:31 (he was a little startled when I answered the phone in a rough morning voice ha-ha, maybe I should have Elder S. answer the phone in the mornings from now on?), he said that she had called him late last night and really needed someone to talk to. He didn't say what they talked about, but she had expressed that she'd like for us to come again on Tuesday and have another lesson. He's been super helpful in fellowshipping their family, he's such a great member missionary! We're planning on teaching them the Plan of Salvation, and extending a baptismal invitation for the 18th of May. I'm excited for this lesson!

Elder S. is awesome, and he's been working really hard. I was impressed yesterday when we were talking to people on the train. We rode for about 40 minutes total, during that time he was able to talk to six people and was starting to work up the courage to talk to the 7th when our stop came. We may start riding the trains more often, seeing how he can talk to a lot more on the train than the 2 or 3 we see while streeting. :) He had a good conversation with someone today as well on our way back from the studio Ghibli museum, which was a blast btw! :) We got to see a different short film this time it was kind of an add on to My Neighbor Totoro, focused mainly around the cat bus, and more specifically Kitten Bus. :D That was fun! Hope I can find a way to show it to people when I get home!

I was really excited at the mission conference last Thursday! I couldn't believe that it might become normal for areas to have 8 missionaries in them @_@ THAT'S SO MANY! I told the bishop about this on Friday and his eyes about bugged out ha-ha! A lot of the members were in a buzz about it on Sunday, and everyone's excited to see how quick the areas will explode with new investigators. We're going to need a bigger church building. :) My first concern with have 4 Elders in Fussa was how in the world we'd be able to cram them all in here. 3 would be tight, and 4 would just be crazy with all of the necessary study, sleeping, and study space, However, after re-thinking about it, I realized that with some serious reorganization we could probably get it done pretty easy. I could see Fussa being a 4 man in the future, given there was a need. ;)

p.s. in case you didn't catch the baptismal date trend, if everything goes according to plan we should have a baptism every weekend starting on the 11th of May, through to the 1st of June.... :-0

Well, that's all I've got for this week! I'll try to upload photos later!


ジェッフ モスデル

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