Monday, June 17, 2013

April 15th: Elder Mosdell learns to speak Hospital Japanese... >.<
General Conference was AWESOME! I loved the messages. Among my favorites are Stanly G Ellis's "The Lord's Way", Jeffrey R. Holland's talk, and Elder Nelson's "Catch the wave", among many others. I'm excited to get to study this year's general conference for the next several months, I really got a lot out of it this time in spite of our schedule being so busy that we had to watch some of the Saturday sessions at our apartment. What a blessing it is to have laptops and to be able to re-watch conference any day! Three cheers for the best mission in the world! (no offense Elders Brimhall and Christensen ;) ).

This week in Fussa we had kind of a slower week due to spending the first half trying to get into the hospital and having Elder S's neck x-rayed. Turns out he's just fine. His nasty lip scab is even starting to go away, he'll probably be back to normal by Wednesday or so this week... or at least as "normal" as he can be with me as a companion. ;D

Thursday we met with Sister H. and taught her about modern day prophets, something that she's not been able to fully understand. I think Elder S. may have figured out how to help her understand our lessons, and remember them long term. He has the gospel picture book, and on a bit of a whim decided to bring it to the lesson (he figured showing a picture of President Monson would help). Turns out we used it a lot in the lesson, and it really helped her to understand things we talked about. I think if we can really apply pictures to our lessons for her she'll start really progressing, and may be able to make baptism by the 11th of May. 頑張ろう!

(Another investigator) is doing great! We were able to meet with him again on Saturday (part of why we weren't able to make it to all of conference on Saturday). Some of their close friends from the ward came and joined for the lesson. I learned that his wife is less active, but wants to be active. They have really good support from their family members (who are all active members) as well as great desire. He wants to be baptized so he can feel the guidance from the Holy Ghost anytime, and especially to help him overcome temptation and set a good example of how to live for his little toddler son. (what a great dad right?! Totally great Young Men's leader too!!!). He set a baptismal date for the first of June with us. After the lesson they had us stay for dinner, as well as a surprise birthday party for both Elder S. and the member's wife, both of who's birthdays will be in the coming weeks. (He) will be going out of town on the 10th of May for two weeks, but I'm not worried about him. Hopefully we'll be able to keep in contact with him while he's gone. Our next lesson is this Wednesday after Eikaiwa. :) He may even come for the English class. :D


I think that's all I've got time for this week, so thanks for tuning in, and sorry it's so long for those of you w/o the time to read. (i.e. the other missionaries).



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