Monday, June 17, 2013

4/29/2013: Elder Mosdell teaches people from 9 different countries... Language barriers anyone?

Here's what's new from Fussa!

Today for P-day we biked down to tachikawa, and played ulitimate frisbe with the zone! I had such a blast... right until my knees started hurting, and my shins are now on fire... great times, hope I can walk tomorrow. >.< Had a blast playing with Elder C. though!

This week has been really busy. The good news is that planning in the evening takes far less time when you already have a full schedule to deal with. :O Unfortunately we're still a little short on the lesson's side of things. :\

We got a reply from the German girl. She made it safe to Germany, and did some research of her own about the church. She read about some of the commandments, and decided she didn't like some of the "rules" of our church. We suggested to her that she learn about some of basics of the church first, and decide if the church is true or not, then to go from there about the rules. She emailed us back yesterday telling us that the sister missionaries had visited her right at a perfect time, and she'd been more than happy to meet with them again. She's also seen the missionaries several times around Germany now. It's been so neat to hear from her and the different miracles happening in her life. I'm really praying she'll continue to learn about the gospel, and that I'll be able to keep in contact with her in the future.

(Another investigator) is doing great, other than being ill yesterday and not making it to church. :\ We've only got 2 more lessons with him, and after that he'll have been taught for baptism. He's of course still going out of town on and is returning toward the end of the month. He'd expressed a desire to move his baptismal date up, but didn't think he had enough time to complete all of the lessons before he left, so he decided to keep his original date of the June 1st. We're going to try and teach him the Word of Wisdom this week, we just have to set up a time we can drop by.

T. has apparently decided she doesn't like the members... or at least that she doesn't want to have lessons with a member present, and as you can imagine that's kind of retarded her progress towards baptism. It's not looking like she'll be baptized on the 11th, though we're going to continue to hope and pray for her.

Sister H. is doing pretty good, she currently has a baptismal date for the 11th, though it's tentative. At a lesson on Saturday she committed to be baptized on the 5th of may if she could be baptized with someone else. Fortunately there's a youth baptism happening that day, but yesterday at church when we talked with Hasegawa she had realized she'll likely be out of town that evening due to the fact that it's children's day... >.< She also was worried that there would be a lot of people at the baptism, and expressed that she'd like to have a smaller one. We talked with her for awhile, specifically about how if she wanted to be baptized at the same time as someone else, there would obviously be more people there to watch. We then set a date for the 11th with her. She is still afraid of the water, and doesn't want to be baptized alone, but she's going to pray for strength and help from God to over come her fear. We are, of course, also praying for her and will be following up daily on how she is feeling about the 11th. Her interview will be this Friday.

H's son has been going with us to sports night lately, and has really enjoyed it. We're hoping to convince him to start taking the lessons again, and to be baptized with his mother. I feel like that would solve both of her worries, and I know he already enjoys all of the activities the church does... I'm just not sure why he's not all that interested in being baptized... maybe he just doesn't know enough about it?

N. and her family didn't come to church either yesterday. Brother M. called them Saturday and Sunday morning, but with no answer. He's going to try and set up another lesson this week if he can. Fun part is that I'll be off on splits for most of the week it looks like, so some lucky elder in the district might get to teach a Spanish lesson. :D Other than that though, no news on her family.

Had a short little lesson with (another investigator) and referred him to Kichijoji since he's moving. He's a really fun guy, and I really think he'd make a great youth leader. Just have to get him to see the importance of following ALL of the commandments ALL the time.

We had another self-referral yesterday! A Mongolian lady came to the first hour of Japanese ward, and seemed to enjoy it (relief society). She speaks simple Japanese only, but seemed to do OK. She's been to our church a few times when she lived in Korea, and has gone to the Sagamihara ward at least once as well, though I don't know any of the time line on that. She's recently moved to our area, and so she's started to come here. She unfortunately had to leave early, but happily was planning on coming again next week. She's been taught a little bit about baptism already, and sounds like she will be open to a baptismal date. We're excited to meet with her again!



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