Monday, June 17, 2013

4/8/2013 Elder Mosdell takes a balloon bath... HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!

This week we had 5 member present lessons, and 6 new investigators this week! Some of our new investigators are the Spanish families we found the other week. We taught them with one of the Spanish speaking members from our English ward last night. It was such a great lesson! The father told us that he likes the way that Buddhist "churches" present their teachings, by giving you what you need to study, and letting you convince yourself. We then talked about how reading and praying about the Book of Mormon is how you know for yourself that this is God's true church. He asked several other great questions that we were able to answer. He told us that he'd like him and his family to be associated with the church, and they will be coming the week after next week. The members that joined the lesson with us offered to drive them. It was such a great lesson, I can't wait for them to come to church, The Spanish members I feel will fellowship them so well.

We have a lesson this Wednesday with the other Spanish family we found last week. We'll be going with one of the slightly less active 18 year old young men. I'm excited because I think it'll be a great experience for everyone that participates. Hopefully we can strengthen the young man's testimony, as well as help the family.

We also had a chance to teach a German girl who is going back to Germany today. She doesn't know much about God or religion, but was curious as to what we believed. We gave her a brief overview of what we as missionaries do and teach, taught her about the Book of Mormon and how to receive an answer for herself. She was excited about what we taught her, and said she'd love to have the missionaries visit her in Germany, and teach her in German. We're going to send her information to the Mission Office later today. :D

I guess I'm kinda out of time for now, so I guess I'll catch you all next week! Sorry it's a bit shorter than usual... Can't wait for conference next week! Thanks so much!



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