Monday, July 1, 2013

7/1/2013: Christmas in July!

Today marks the first day of the Japan Tokyo South Mission.  Elder Mosdell will serve the remaining months of his mission under President Wada.  Please note the change in mailing address, here is the accurate mailing address:

Elder Jeff Mosdell
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-cho
Musashino-shi, Tokyo

With that said, here is your weekly update from the boy!
This year we decided to kick off Christmas in July so we can get a little more use out of our Christmas music on our missions. Now we're just waiting for the "MSF fairy" to deliver out funds so that we can go P-day shopping... But anyways, on to the report!

We just watched the "Hastening the Work" broadcast with our English Ward leaders last night (I find it kind of ironic that being 15 hours ahead causes me to be a week behind on church broadcasts >.<). It was a great broadcast, it's going to be neat to watch how the members respond over the next 4ish months of my mission. I'm also excited to get to be part of the change after I go home as well. In some ways I'm even more excited to be on that side of the work! (I have a feeling that a lot of it won't fully be implemented until then). To be honest though the only new thing as far as the missionary side to me was Facebook. We've been using Skype and such for my entire mission. I hear we may even be "upgrading" to tablets pretty soon as well! (I kind of think of that as a downgrade... but w/e I guess). The part I was the most excited for was the encouragement for the members. I'm really excited to see the work take off as the members step up to the plate!

In other news, my third Mission President (President Wada) just landed Saturday night. So it's "good bye" to President Budge, and on to round three!

Things started really kicking in to gear even this last week before we watched the broadcast. We had a great lesson with a family who was referred to us by the previous bishop's family. Their son injured his leg at school several months ago and still hasn't healed. The family knows a lot about Mormons, and has had several Mormon friends over the years. Mom had received a blessing once before for an injury in her back, so they wanted to know if their son could also have a blessing. We gave the son a blessing of healing, and mom and dad a blessing of comfort and council. Afterwards we talked about the church and their interest level. Mom, who speaks Japanese, told us while dad wasn't paying attention (in Japanese as well), that she and their son would love to be baptized, but dad isn't ready to give (up) some things. They're waiting on him because she's afraid it might cause contention if they don't. Dad isn't very spiritual, however with the current situation of his son he's been willing to turn to anything that will help. Long story short, mom and son are completely ready to hear the gospel, and we feel that now is a good time to talk to dad about giving it a try. Our next invitation is to listen to the lesson and to work towards baptism.

Elder H. and I were just discussing how some people's missions seem to fly by, but how both of us feel like it's been pretty normal. He commented that it feels like it's been exactly 11 months, and I thought back on it and started to say the same about how long I've been out... until I realized that I haven't been out for 15 months, but rather 20... I can't believe it's been 20 months since I went to the MTC! Time really does seem to be speeding up as I round the last corner!

I think that's it for this week, so I'll write ya'll next week!

 -Elder Jeff Mosdell

ジェッフ モスデル

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