Monday, June 17, 2013


For P-day we went up into the City Ome, and looked at a hillside that has hundreds if not thousands of plum trees blossoming. it was supposedly really pretty, other than the fact that the darker flowers just look like dead gray trees to me... >.< I took lots of photos though, and hopefully those look pretty decent. I'll upload those soon.

This week in Fussa has till been a little slow, but we're starting to pick up just a little bit. (Sister H.) and her son came to church this Sunday, and scheduled a lesson with us on Thursday as well for this week. I don't know how she's really doing spiritually, but she enjoys talking with Elder Squire, and the members all fellowshipped her really well this week and let her and her son know they missed them. I think that mom will start blossoming again, and hopefully her son will follow.

(Another investigator) hasn't replied or answered any of our messages and calls this week. I wish I knew why he's been so hard to contact and set up things with...

We found an old investigator while we were doing some area book work. I think he might have a lot of potential, he loves serving and helping others and firmly believes that's how to bring happiness and joy to yourself and others. Our only problems are that he's SUPER busy running an Indo Curry restaurant, and that we had a hard time explaining to him the nature of God. He believes that God is inside each of us, that that is why we feel good inside when do service. We left him with a book of Mormon and a commitment to read and pray to know if it is true.
(One convert) had the chance to give a talk this Sunday on faith. Her talk was great, and her testimony was as strong or stronger than any other members. It's been so great to see her grow and progress these last 4 months.

We had a wonderful chance to meet with the bishopric of the Fussa ward, and talk about their mission plans for this year and how they'd like us to help them. I was really excited at how specific the were in their goals, and how they wanted to achieve them. It was a great meeting, and I'm so excited to get to go out and work WITH the ward now. We'll be getting a new ward mission leader likely next week (seeing how the old one just moved) and I'm excited to work with him.

Elder S. is doing great, he's been pushing himself to become a more better and better missionary every week. On Saturday he even took the incentive and started doing follow up calls on whether people would be able to make it to church on Sunday or not, even though as soon as someone answered he totally froze up on Japanese. I think that's part of the reason that Hasegawa and her son came, they got a kick out of him trying his hardest, and I think they could tell that he really cared about them.



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