Monday, June 17, 2013

4/1/3013: Transfer 11: Elder Mosdell teaches a lesson in three languages... no joke

OK, I know this is getting to you a bit later than usual but... yeah :P

This last week for myself has felt like one of the least productive so far this last transfer. Though I do feel like there's a lot of potential building up and getting ready to release in this area. More on that a little later.

This week we met with Brother S, a recent convert, on Tuesday and talked with him about some problems he's been having. We had a very good lesson, as well as  (helping him understand) that church is to help people to progress and become better, not to gather those who are already perfect. He seemed to feel better at the end of the lesson, and was originally planning on coming to church again this week. Sadly however, we got a call from him latter in the week telling us that he's going to be out of town taking care of his mother and father, who are both in very poor health conditions, until the end of April. We're going to keep in contact with him and we'll follow up on how he's doing, though we'll likely not see him until May. :|

We had a great lesson last night (Monday April 1st) with a member referral from the Yokota ward. He is originally from Peru, and his married to one of the Spanish speaking member's daughters. He came to church for his son's baby blessing a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the feeling he felt from coming to church. Last night's lesson ended up covering WAY more than we'd planned, but he enjoyed learning about all of it, and really had interest. He'll be going out of town next week, but we have another scheduled appointment with him. He's also going to read and pray about the Book of Mormon with his wife (who's a member). There's so much I wish I could share from the lesson, but I don't think there's enough time for me to write it all. In short I'm really excited for him. Elder S. is going to start reviewing his Spanish that he learned over 5 years ago during lunch time so he can try and teach in the native language (or at least explain hard gospel words). We're also going to be working with the English ward members very closely, since several of them speak Spanish. :D I think one of the coolest parts of last night was the beautiful prayer he offered. We were in the middle of the lesson and started talking about how prayer can help him with his concerns, immediately after talking about how pray helps us he said he wanted to try it right away. It was a great experience, and after explaining how we pray (much thanks to his wife for her help in explaining!) he knelt and offered one of the best prayers I've felt on my mission... emphasis on felt, because it was in Spanish. :P

Speaking of Spanish and Peruvian people.... We've also found two other Peruvian families that seemed to have interest (in spite of our lack of ability to communicate) in addition to (the two businessmen) who both want to study the bible in their time off. We've got a TON of Spanish speaking potentials right now, and it'll be exciting to see how it goes! Who knows, maybe I'll even start trying to study a little Spanish... maybe :P

I guess that's all the time for this week, Thanks so much for all ya'll do!

-Elder Jeff Mosdell

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