Friday, December 30, 2011

Last email of 2011!

Not a terribly exciting week at the MTC, but it's nice to hear from him anyway.  8)
Here's what he had to say today:
"Not much has happened this week, we've just been cleaning from Christmas, and trying to organize. Our Kohai (younger group) just got here on Wednesday and they're pretty cool. It's nice to have a full Japanese branch again instead of just 1/2, we'll finally have a full team for Volleyball for the first time in 2 weeks. "

In the small package I sent this week was a bottle of the wassail we make every Thanksgiving/Christmas/New years.  Jeff was very glad that someone helped me ship his package this week seeing how someone else took all the keys on a trip to the other end of the state leaving me with a vehicle but no way to start it.   Yes, I am laughing about it.  Anyway, here is what he said about the package:
"The wassail was SO good! I passed it around for the district to try some, and in Elder Baker's words "It's like I'm drinking apple pie!" Everyone that tried it thought it was way good, and after I nuked it everyone was surprised at how good it was. Is there anyway you can send more? ;)"
I think next week's package may consist of a large bottle of wassail and paper cups to make it easier for them to share. 
Have a happy weekend and I hope your New Year will be as awesome as all of you are, I expect a letter at the beginning of next week, so until then...


  1. I've got a bottle from some sparkling cider you can send the wassail in. I'd love a picture of all the missionaries taking a swig . . . .

  2. That would be a sight! I think I'll send it in a 1/2 gallon apple juice bottle. :)