Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday is my favorite day!

Jeff's email today talked mainly about the photos that he sent earlier this week and about his friend Justin who just entered the MTC on Wednesday.  So nice to hear that  Justin has a great companion and that he is doing well there.  I'm so glad that Jeff has been able to see him and talk with him some.

As for the photos, the large group is their zone minus "a few Elders and a Sister who were in a meeting" and the shots with the 6 Elders and 3 sisters are their district. Jeff is in zone 27 district C.  I was able to share a few of the photos with some moms who I met through the email group, they were excited to see their boys in the photos.  That really made me happy.  I'm so glad that they are all doing well, and that I could help bring their families a smile or two.

I've found out some additional information about phone calls home.  Obviously there will be no Christmas call this year, there is just no way to work out having over 3,000 missionaries call home from the MTC.  It makes sense, but I don't have to like it.  On the bright side I will apparently be getting a phone call while Jeff is in the airport on a layover somewhere between here and Tokyo.  His departure date is currently January 31st, we'll see if that's accurate or if it changes for some reason when it gets closer.  Jeff's 1/2 way point in the MTC is coming up, it's on Christmas Eve, I think that is a rather fun coincidence. Don't you?

It is sounding like we've settled into a pattern where we get an email on Friday and a letter in the first part of the week, so we may make a habit of updating twice a week through January.  I've also been told that there will be another memory card with photos coming home in "a couple of weeks".  I'm looking forward to getting that and sharing some more pictures with all of you and some other missionary moms.

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