Sunday, December 25, 2011

Suprise Christmas email!

I was bummed all day thinking that I wouldn't even get to hear from Jeff because he's still in the MTC, then I checked my email at 10:00 tonight and realized that I should have checked it at 2:00 this afternoon!  I wish I had known that he was going to be able to email , I'd have sent him a message this morning and shared Jeff's email with my dad before he went home.  DANG!

So here is what Jeff had to say (or at least the portion of the email that will make sense anyway):

"MERRY CHRISTMAS! I guess this is my gift to you, I get to email home on Christmas this year!!
I love the photos that you sent me in the photo book, it was super nice to see everyone and to be able to show off my car to people... The package was great!
The sacrament went well, Elder Bednar came, but I'll have to give a run down of his talk later in a letter. Elder H and I broke bread and handed out trays at one of the 5 tables. The numbers were crazy!!! total there were over 2000 people there."

I must say that the email was the absolute best gift of the day. ♥

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