Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photos and things :)

A letter with a photo card came today.  *Happy Dance*
So lets just dispense with the chatter and get right to looking at the photos!

The boys from zone 27 district C

Zone 27 district C


Lots of Elders and Sisters, Elder Mosdell is in the lower right corner
Zone 27

Zone 27, Elder Mosdell is in the middle(ish) of this one,

A lovely panoramic sunset  that just needed to be shared :)
He says he is doing all right and really enjoys the walks that they take and the visits to the temple.  They spend most of their days studying in the classroom, but on Saturdays they practice teach members who volunteer their time. 

In addition to the photos that we got on the card today I thought I'd post this awesome caricature of Elder Ninja as a little bit of bonus material.  I totally love it, the white shirt and tie over ninja clothing with the name tag and scripture chucks.  So wonderfully funny, thanks Brimley!

Dec 10, 2011 Jeff Brimley

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