Friday, December 9, 2011

Yay for pday, email, and good young men!

Jeff says that he is doing good, that his teacher says he is doing above average for missionaries at this point so she isn't worried about his Japanese, and that he has enjoyed the time he has had in the temple.  He has seen his friend Scott a few times but hasn't had the chance for more than a hurried exchange of words, and he's looking forward to seeing Justin who will be entering the MTC on the 14th, just 5 days from now.  For those of you who know Scott, he is doing well.

Jeff also wrote that he will be sending a letter today containing a memory card with the photos he has taken so far.  That means we will have photos for you all to view as soon as our postal carrier delivers that letter, and as soon as we have a chance to go through them to edit or censor as needed and post them here. :)

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