Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No mail yet, but good stuff just the same.

Well, the funny thing about expecting mail is I haven't gotten any.  I guess that's like a watched pot never boiling or the mother's curse ("Get out of that tree, you'll break your arm!"). 
On the bright side my super secret spy network (aka Jeff's friends and their parents) have provided some information to fill the void for the first half of this week.
First up we have a little tidbit of info about an injury.  From what I understand, Jeff managed to get himself a minor cut and bled on his t-shirt and one of his white dress shirts.  At least it didn't sound like anything big, I assume they'd call us if it was a major problem.  Anyway, Erin's spot removal advice has hopefully solved the blood stain issue, Thanks E! ♥

Next up was a super nice surprise from Elder Justin Brimhall's parents, a couple of photos of our boys together in the MTC.   Justin has left the MTC and is in his first area, Albany GA as of yesterday (Jan 3rd). 

 Go get em' Elder Brimhall!
By the way, Justin has a blog too -
If you know him you should definitely check it out.

 And a super HUGE thanks to the Brimhalls for being so truly awesome - Thankyou!

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