Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas email

Yesterday I received an unexpected letter from the boy.  Apparently he had some extra time at lunch and so he decided to quickly write home.  I guess I'll have to be more diligent about picking up the mail on days that I'm not expecting a letter from him. 

I just got my pre Christmas email from Elder Mosdell who was thrilled to get his big Christmas package from us as well as a couple of other packages yesterday, right up until he had to haul them up the stairs.  Apparently the mail room is 5 floors below the classrooms so there was plenty of time for other missionaries to stare at the brightly wrapped large and somewhat heavy packages that Elder Mosdell was hauling all over the building.  Elder H apparently had some packages of his own to carry around the building so together they must have looked like their friends and families love them or something. :)

Mostly Elder Mosdell wrote about some things he is excited about, he said:
 "I have a crazy cool story for you... or maybe two. Firstly, I found out last Sunday that I'll be passing the sacrament to the entire MTC on Christmas day, and that a member of the 1st Presidency (not Pres. Monson) will be there, crazy cool eh? I'm SUPER excited to do it, I've got everything ready except for a white shirt (in the laundry now) and a hair cut which I'm getting at 9:15 today. I can't wait to write everyone and tell them how it went!"

I know that  a group of missionaries left for Japan on Monday December 19th so their district will be very small until next Wednesday when the new group arrives. Jeff also said "Things are going great here, I'm still plugging away at the language and I'm excited to get our kohai (new guys) in. They come the week after Christmas, the lucky punks, and I'm really excited for the Japanese branch to grow again. I think we're getting something like 30ish new missionaries, cool eh?!  I hope everyone's Christmas is wonderful! I miss you all, and I love you all SO much. Everyone be good!

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