Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Japan photos from Jeff this time

Here are the things we learned this week. It's very cold in Japan right now. Jeff wants some thermals and a dress sweater. We told him he'd want them and he thought he'd just tough it out for winter. Silly boy 8) He's also craving some chocolate from home. He didn't have to speak in church on Sunday because the bishop had other members that needed to speak, including an older convert who recently received the Aaronic Priesthood. He'll probably be speaking soon though. He has a long list of new words he's going to be looking up and studying. They came from the talks that were given and the Ward Leadership meetings he attends. They teach an English class at the church every Wednesday for members and nonmembers. In one of their meetings with the bishop they came up with some new ideas for that class as well as ideas to help the member missionary work in the ward.

It sounds like they had a pretty normal week, some good days and some bad days. They have 3 investigators and are working with some less active members as well. All of their lessons for last week got cancelled due to random events, but he says it's OK. I'm guessing that's pretty typical. They helped a little with a wedding at the church on Saturday, apparently both the bride and groom are members. The ward members wanted the missionaries there to help celebrate. Jeff and Elder W went to the church and said hi to everyone for a minute then they excused themselves to go work and find new investigators. They came back later to help clean up (and eat the food the members had saved for them). Jeff says he and Elder W really felt good about being there at the beginning to say hi then going to work sharing the Gospel and finally coming back to help clean up. Jeff says, "It showed the ward we're really looking for new investigators, but that we want to help the ward as well."

Jeff got to eat octopus at the wedding. He says it's very chewy and he's not sure if he likes it or not yet. He wrote that he learned how to cook an egg into ramen for one of their meals. He also cooked grilled cheese sandwiches and made tomato soup on Friday because it was so cold and that's a meal we did sometimes on cold days. He said it was pretty good and it made him happy 8) We're glad he remembers the cooking skills we taught him.

Grinning Elder Mosdell

Elder Mosdell's nice and clean desk
various items here make me smile.

I just love the umbrellas hanging in the window.

This sign hangs above their bedroom door, it says "missionaries".
They had a small earthquake Saturday morning, just enough to rattle this sign.

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