Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An adventure of sorts...

Here's a little experience that Elder Mosdell shared with us earlier this week, all of this happened after they had left the wedding reception to work and before they had returned to help with clean up. 8)

"From there we ran to the train station and "chidashi o kubari" 'd (passed out flyers) for an hour. When we do this, we stand apart on two street corners near two exits of the eki and kubari. Not a super successful night, but I had an... interesting... time when a very drunk man walked (rather stumbled) by and wanted to know why I was trying to teach English. I didn't understand anything more than his initial question of why, and I'm not sure if me knowing more Japanese would have helped, he couldn't speak straight at all! He started getting really mad because he did think English was any good. (that's what I think he said) And when Elder W came over to ask him what was going on the man told Elder W "You've got nothing to do with this relationship (conversation), go away". (From hear out Elder W told me what he said after) Elder W told the man that if he was going to be rude that he and his friend (me) were going to leave, at which point we quickly started leaving. We told the man to go home, and took off down the stairs into the Eki. The man was NOT amused and tried to follow us, which was a little funny to watch him try and run after us. We lost him somewhere in the middle of the eki and then ran up the other set of stairs to go to the church. "

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