Monday, February 27, 2012

Elder Oaks, Gyoza, and Almost Warm

Elder Mosdell received the package we sent last Tuesday, so it takes 6 days for letters and packages to reach him just in case you were wondering.  He was glad to have his sweaters and the chocolate that we sent as well as the letters and other fun things we slipped into the package.  He says good chocolate is hard to get there, so if you happen to be thinking about sending him a package I'm sure he'd appreciate chocolate.
Jeff said "First off, we had Elder Oaks come talk to us on Tuesday! That was super cool, here's the number 1 thing I learned: What someone talks about isn't important. It's what you write down and take away from the experience that is. Make sure it's from the Spirit.  Super awesome! I would have taken photos of the temple (that's where it was held) but they were redoing the spire or cleaning it. I'll take photos on the 6th!  We also met a Peruvian (?), he speaks OK English, and OK Japanese, but he's excited to learn English and about the Church, we had a lesson with him the other day, and he felt really good about what we had to teach."
In response to our standard did you eat anything interesting this week question he said "This past week we didn't eat anything special, but today I learned how to cook gyoza, and I did a pretty good job :D Other than that, on Tuesday (this week) I'll be going to eat "real ramen" at a ramen shop with a ward member after we go do home teaching with him! Once again, I'll keep you posted!"
Jeff apologized about the short length of his email because he was "kind of short on time today (with the surprise appointment and projects for Eikaiwa)".  Eikaiwa is the English class they teach on Wednesday evenings. 
Once again we received photographs of things he thinks we'll find interesting and just one photo of him every week.  This week he actually smiled, maybe it was because he was closer to warm with his sweater on.

This is the bike that all the financial craziness was over in the first few days Jeff was in Japan.

Elder Mosdell looking happy, he says the wind there has been really cold.
Humidity and wind will do that, at least our wind here is dry.

This is another one of those no explanation photos.
Best guess is a phone booth that bites hands?

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