Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Still No Word

I'm sure everyone is wondering how the long flight went and how Jeff is enjoying Japan, his new companion, and exactly where he is.  Truth is, I don't know yet.  We've had no word from Jeff since he left Seattle.  We watched his flight across the ocean on and we know that it landed as scheduled in Tokyo.  Beyond that we are going with the assumption that if something was wrong we would have been notified, therefore everything is fine.  Right?

It seems like someone told us that p-day in Tokyo is on Tuesdays, which would mean that we aren't likely to hear from Jeff until Monday night.  We'll up date you all on how he is doing, how the trip went, who his companion is, and where he is living as soon as we hear from him.  Until then write to him at the mission home's address which is listed underneath the photo in the sidebar at the right.

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