Monday, February 20, 2012

A few more photos

Got a few short emails from Elder Mosdell this week. Plus a handful of pictures that he uploaded later that day. He didn't tell us about the pictures in his emails so it was a surprise when we checked the picture folder. Here's what he had to say about the food, his Japanese and their investigators. I asked him to share any good recipes with us as well as any interesting foods he's eaten.

"One thing that's new is yakusoba, which is just fried noodles (I really like it though). Also curry, but that's even the same brand we have at home so not really new. Miso Ramen is also new. I learned how to cook an egg in the water before you cook the noodles. I make pan fried rice w/ fish sausage early this week, that was really good (the sausage is just like spam, just fish instead). Other than that, nothing really new. Elder W isn't super adventurace with food either, so he hasn't had anything funky to make, and hasn't tried to make me eat anything weird. I will share what I learn though!

Elder W has been helping me a ton with the language! And that's been super nice, I'm not progressing as fast as I hoped, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible to learn it all in a day. I didn't give a talk on Sunday (yesterday) because it was stake conference 8) Which went well, but I didn't understand any of it, except for when sister Albrecht got up and gave her talk in English, then had it translated. We met a really awesome guy yesterday that spoke fluent Japanese and English and could switch back and forth without thinking about it. (by fluent I mean NO accent, NO pauses, 100% fluent). He wanted to come to church next Sunday, so that's exciting! Can't wait for him to come! I think he'll be a great help with my Japanese too if he's willing to learn about the gospel!"

Run to the temple!
We're guessing this is hanging in the church.

The view from his living room window (we think).

This is really funny if you know his nickname is FaFa.
Just read the English on the box and laugh!

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