Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baptism story and Photos from the Mission

"We had a baptism yesterday (Sunday) :D Her Though I've only had one lesson with her, it was a very neat experience! Her baptism was supposed to start at 9, but she always is running 30 mins late, so we planned with her to meet her at the church at 7:30, that way she'd be there at 8, and have plenty of time to change and be ready. Well, we walk over at 7 to get stuff ready for her and everyone else, and we call her to make sure she's up and coming... no answer... My companion doesn't worry about it and so I don't either. We continue getting ready and start filling the font, calling every 10 mins or so to make sure she's up with no reply each time. Finally it's 8:30 and the ward mission leader is freaking out, and Elder W is starting to get really worried too, the Mission leader is having a nervous breakdown, and tells us to call her again and again and again and again. Once we explain to him that we JUST got off the phone with no reply he suggests we pray, at this point we were worried, but figured worst case we'll do it after church instead. As we gather around and fold out arms, the phone rings. It's her calling us to tell us she just got up. She lives about 30-40 mins away on foot and it's now 8:45. We tell her we'll find a car and come pick her up, so we do so and head to her house. We get there, and nobody answers... then as we wait for several minutes, her dad pulls up tells us he just dropped her off, and we start speeding back to the church. (it's now 9:50) On the way, the mission leader calls us and says "Hey she's here, where in the world are you!". We finally get there, and start the whole thing only 5 mins late :) It was a super stressful/funny morning, with a wonderful result."

This is the chapel in Yochiyo.

Here's a picture of him with President and Sister Albrecht.

And a picture of him and Elder W at the mission home.

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