Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This is the week before transfers once again.  Of course I totally spaced off that this means Elder R and Elder Mosdell were able to attend the Tokyo Temple making pday and email one day late. 

Jeff says that they are so busy that he's having a hard time fitting everything (shopping, laundry, email, stuff like that)that must be done into his pdays. I guess the Elders are gaining an appreciation of quality planning and scheduling, I hope they get it figured out before they get too frustrated!

Jeff wished his sister a happy birthday, was excited to hear about Elder Jones heading out to Costa Rica and sends his best wishes for serving as well as surviving the MTC. He was much less excited to hear the news of the passing of one of the boys he grew up with, but seems to be taking it well and was glad to have the full schedule to occupy his mind.

Jeff sent photos this week.  None of himself, but there are some interesting things to look at which we will add as soon as I figure out the technical hurdle and can get them on here.

An old Japanese hymnal

A military plane which has been flying over and doing parachute drops

The flower arrangement from church on Sunday

"A cool caterpillar"

this spider is "as big as my thumb, not the nail, the whole thumb"
apparently it is so aggressive that it will attack anything that touches the web including grass.

This is the cherry burger.  It looks like a normal burger with some kind of soft cheese (cream cheese?) and cherry jam or pie filling.  There are also fries and something that resembles a green salad with thousand island dressing.    Jeff says "it sounds kind of gross, but it is really good."

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