Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crazy May!

Well, it's May, one of the two craziest months of the year.  It seems like I can't get anything done in May because of all the additional end of school stuff that happens.  Yep, I'm explaining why the post is nearly a week late.  Sorry.

Highlights from Jeff's email last week:

1. Elder R is not from Richfield.  I'm not sure where we got that idea, but it was incorrect.  Still no word on where he is from though.  Upon rereading email I have cleverly discovered that Elder R is from Roosevelt, not Richfield.  (as Jeff would say "Duh Mommy!")

2. The cooking supplies and menu in the apartment didn't meet with the approval of the new companion, so there will be new food experiences happening.  Jeff is excited to try new things and learn to cook new foods.

The week was filled with the usual appointments, Eikaiwa, and such. Other than that the Elders had a lot of introducing, a bit of getting lost on the way here and there,  some fun at the stake athletic meet where Jeff ran all over the place with some of the kids from the ward, and a trip to a "real sushi place" where the elders ate "real sushi, not California rolls".

Elder Mosdell's camera batteries apparently died part way through the week, so we didn't get much in the way of pictures from him, only these two:
Yes, they did eat these little squids.  Jeff said they were "gross :P"

I guess all those little colored, wind sock looking things are fish flags.
Jeff said he will send more photos of them this week.
We still have no clue how the mothers day thing will work, but he had better have a plan for us when he emails this week or I'm going to be seriously grumpy with him!  We are hoping to be able to use Skype and maybe even be able to see the boy.  Cross your fingers!

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