Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Transfer #4, a new area!

Transfer number 4 happened this week and guess what! Our elder is now in a new location.  After 18 weeks in Yachio Elder Mosdell has been transfered to Tama "it's even smaller than Yachio was but it does have a lot more of  church members." "...and an added bonus is that the apartment, store, post office,  and church are all about 5 minutes by bike from each other. WOOT!". 

Jeff's new companion is Elder M who is Japanese and is working very hard on his English. Jeff is looking forward to studying English and Japanese with Elder M. "My Japanese is about to get really good I feel" I'm guessing that the dining/cooking experience will be changing too!

Photos this week included some lovely scenery from somewhere in the Chiba area:

This weeks food adventure:
"taco rice"

A good bye photo of his first apartment, and a hello photo of the apartment in Tama:
"Yachio's last goodbye"
"Elder M, the welcoming party"

 A few photos of our favorite guy:

"Is it just me, or do I look gross?"

"some... interesting sunglasses that I found"

And a map with his new area marked so we can see where he is hanging out these days. ;)

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