Monday, May 7, 2012

6 month mark is almost here!

No pictures this week like the boy promised, but we did find out that not only do we get to talk to him on Sunday, but we get to SEE him via the magic that is the Internet (using Skype and Leighn's brain power).  I am SOOOO excited!  Yep, going to have a Mother's Day BBQ and then video chat with my boy! This will likely be the finest Mother's Day in like ever! ♥♥♥

Wednesday and Thursday of the past week were VERY rainy so they did some "area book dendo" in which they found an inactive sister who is looking to return to church once she settles in a little bit.  She had just moved into the area.

Friday they went on splits.  Jeff was with Elder B who was one of the "Senpai" when Jeff first got to the MTC.  There was a flat tire on a bike and a change of plans (no proselyting near the beach area) but "over all it was a good day".

Saturday they "un-splited" and were given a referral from some members in the Narita ward.  A nice bonus was that the sister had been on a mission here in America and had learned to make some "really good American-like food" so that was also a good day.

Sunday: "A fairly normal Sunday, until (a member) family called us and wanted us to come over for dinner and a practice lesson. It went OK, but my Japanese isn't as good as the Sister wants' it to be... :P Go figure >.< She's a little crazy though so it's OK."

(Mom type question here - who among us isn't "a little crazy"?)

Monday: Met the book contact from Wednesday, taught a bit of English to a Peruvian, and  "just cleaned for Skyping next week!"

At the end of the email Jeff wrote ":) See to ya next week!"

Since the boy didn't send photos this week (first week since he left the MTC that we haven't gotten at least a picture of something) I'm going to attach a picture of an idea for his bug.

Well, I thought it was funny.

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