Sunday, May 13, 2012


We haven't gotten an email yet, but we were able to see and talk to Jeff using Skype.  It was wonderful to see him and chat with him.  He says that none of the other American missionaries get a package every month, but he seems to be OK with being spoiled like that.  He misses American candy, being able to understand everything that is being said, being able to read signs, and driving. 

We learned that all Japanese toothbrushes are the size of American children's toothbrushes, so the missionaries love getting "normal" toothbrushes.  I guess we'll be getting a pack at Sam's club to ship to him with his package this week in addition to the chocolate, gummy bears, peach rings, and other candies and things that we will send.

We will post again after we get an email and  some photos (hopefully), but for now we are glad to know that the boy is doing well and looking good.

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