Monday, May 21, 2012

Eclipse photos and keeping way busy!

This week our email was quite short, something about a lesson and a basketball game.  Jeff says he is doing well, they are looking forward to getting the package that we sent last week.  The weekly update appears here just as it did in the email (cut and paste = awesomeness) and I'll add on some of the pictures he sent for your viewing pleasure.

Weekly update:

I'm short on time today so I'm not going to type a full summary, but here's the highlight of the week:

Today (Monday) we had a solar eclipse :) Photos will be uploaded! That was WAY AWESOME!!! Elder R got some good photos of it, so I'll upload them. It was a lot of fun. :) And tonight we played basketball with a ward member and his friends, we were supposed to have an investigator there, but he canceled as we were headed over. I'm WAY beat right now...

For new foods, I had some sweetbean paste mochi called Kashiwamochi. It's pretty good, though it looks like elf food lol.  

Awesome pictures of the eclipse from Japan!

 Pictures of the boy with his mochi filled with sweet bean paste (Anko), or "elf food".

Night photo, I'm guessing that is Elder R but that's just a guess.
I love the sticker in the top left, "DON"T BE STUPID!" and the laptop has the blue screen of death. Love it! 

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