Thursday, January 5, 2012

Murphy's law in action

Yep, the letter I've been waiting for came today.  You know, after I gave up and decided I wasn't going to get it before his email tomorrow, after I sent his weekly package in which I told him if I didn't get a letter soon next week's package would be filled with chicken poop, and after I told him that the package a friend was expecting hadn't arrived (it arrived too by the way).  Isn't that just the way of it?  If you want someone to call you should eat something or use the restroom, boom! Guaranteed they'll call.  Right? Yeah.

OK, so, the crazy story of the week is that President Mills (a former member of our stake presidency who moved away) works for the MTC and is somehow involved with the international MTC's specifically (this wasn't exactly clear to me).  So President Mills was at the Provo MTC on the evening of January 1st and he spoke to them about the other 14 MTCs. Afterward Jeff was able to visit with Pres. Mills.  Jeff said "it was very cool".

I'm even more grateful for the pics of Elder Mosdell and Elder Brimhall that we received yesterday because Jeff managed to delete all of the photos he had on the card that he was going to send home with the letter, so no more new photos until next week (hopefully he'll send some then). I think I'll send him the photos because I'll bet they were among the ones he lost. =(

Jeff will be leaving the MTC in just over three weeks , in 10 days he will have been out for two months already.  Hopefully we got his papers in early enough that there won't be a delay because of his visa or anything like that, apparently another elder was stuck in the MTC for an extra 3 weeks because his visa didn't come through.  Current plans are that Jeff will be leaving the MTC on Monday Jan 30th (likely at some crazy early hour) flying to somewhere on the west coast (possibly LA or Seattle) for a layover at which time he will be allowed to call home, from there he will board an international flight and go on to Japan where he will arrive on Tuesday Jan 31st. Japan is 15 hours ahead of us and time zones really mess with my head so I hope this is right.  He'll spend the first night in the mission home and be in his apartment Wednesday night.  I assume we'll get mailing instructions and an address for him at some point in there or shortly after his arrival.

Finally Jeff was amazed at the figures I sent him concerning the number of blog views we get here, the average per day views and the total views for December, here is a message he asked me to post for you all:

"Howdy everyone! 
It's good to know that you're all so supportive of me and my mission.  Sadly there aren't many things to talk about yet from the MTC.  Hopefully Japan will be far better. 8)  Thank you all for writing me over the holidays, if I've not replied yet I promise I'm working on it.  I got a little backed up."

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