Friday, January 20, 2012

Travel Information!

We got letters and a package from Elder Mosdell yesterday.  The package contained mostly a couple of his shirts that had manufacturing defects (the right sleeve fabric was pulling out of the cuffs on both shirts) and needed replacing.  There were also some things for us to put with his storage here at home, you know, stuff like Christmas decorations that he doesn't want to haul to Japan and carry around for the next two years.  We ran to Mr. Mac yesterday, showed them the shirts and within minutes we were on our way home with brand new shirts.  I'm sure glad for that!

The letters were a bit less exciting.  Mostly he talked about how nervous he is to fly for the first time. 

Today we got emails which contained much more exciting information.  Elder Mosdell received his travel documents today!  He will be leaving the MTC at 5:30 (AM I assume, he didn't say) going to the Missionary Travel office in Salt Lake, and then on to the airport where his flight for Seattle is scheduled to leave at 8:30 (again I'm assuming AM).  They will have a 4 hour layover in Seattle, board a flight  and arrive in Tokyo about 5 PM on Tuesday January 31st. If I'm correct, that puts his arrival time at about 2 AM our time, won't that be lovely. Now, I feel it important to remind you that some of the schedule information was calculated using MY math skills.  Don't be too surprised if there are corrections made to this info. 8)

He asked me to post the address of the Mission Home (it is located at the end of this post and will be on the right side bar by the MTC address) so people can send him mail, he's worried about not getting letters once he leaves the country (remember that postage for a letter to Tokyo will cost $1.05).  He also asked me to share the following story here on the blog:

"We climbed the stairs down to the Missionary changing room in the bottom of the Provo Temple, as I climbed the steep stairs I thought to myself "these are really steep, one of these days some poor accident prone person is going to trip and fall." I went on my way, not thinking much of it again. After our session we were headed up the stairs when I had a panic attack, "OH NO!" I thought to myself as I reached both hands into my pockets, "did I remember my MTC card?" I sighed with relief as I felt the card in my pocket. But then a look of terror spread across my face as my foot caught one of the stairs and I started to fall. Quickly I went to put my hands down to catch myself, Alas... they were still in my pockets. Quickly I put my knee out, then rolled and caught most of the fall with my hip and shoulder, but sadly with the steepness of the marble stairs, my head still caught the edge of the last step... right in the mouth. I've got a lovely swollen lip and cheek... but that's OK. I'll send a photo of it on the card :)"

If all goes as planned we will receive an sd card with photos from the MTC before he leaves and then we'll have an alternate solution for photo sharing once he's in Tokyo.  We'll post additional info as it becomes available, in the mean time consider spending $1.05 to send the boy a letter this week so that it's in Tokyo when he gets there.

Elder Jeffery Mosdell
Japan Tokyo Mission
161-031 JAPAN

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