Monday, July 29, 2013

7/29/13: Trying to follow in Dad's footsteps... Sometimes not the best thing to do


Today has been a very interesting day. We spent the usual 7-8 hours at church today between the Japanese branch and the English Ward. Following that we got to visit the Nuttal family for dinner and share a brief message with them before going home to do some Sunday evening finding. On our way home (we walked from the base gate) to pick up some things we left at the church we saw a VERY drunk man fall into a bush, so we stopped and helped him up and then walked him home. It took us almost 30 minutes to get him the 3 blocks to his home. Once we'd finally gotten him to his home we walked down the stairs and started back on our way when we noticed there were like 6 cops walking the streets searching for something. One of them stopped us, and asked if we were the two foreigners who were helping a very drunk man. We of course said yes and instantly the officer radioed the rest of his team to the street corner we were standing on. They bombarded us with questions that I only understood maybe a half of, and after 15 minutes of taking our personal information and telling us that even though we had intended well that we should avoid helping drunk people home in the future. Long story short, it took us over an hour to walk the 5 minutes from the base gate to home. Hopefully nothing too serious happened that I didn't understand. We're also hoping that nobody from the police station calls us... As fun as dad's story of getting arrested on his mission is, getting taken in for "mugging a guy" when really you're just helping him home doesn't sound nearly as cool as "assault and battery with a deadly weapon" for shooting pigeons with a PVC pipe and rocks...

A side from that we've had a very good week regarding Less-Active work. Elder N. and I feel very strongly that were are supposed to be working with the LA's in this area at this time. Of course we're not forgetting our investigators, but we'll probably be spending more time with the LA's for the next at least couple weeks. One of them is a recent convert who moved shortly after getting baptized and never received the AB lessons. We're going to being spending some time with him today and we're hoping to set up lessons with him at least once a week, hopefully more. There's a lot more we're working with, there's one family in particular Elder N. and I feel a very strong tie to, though we're not sure why. The mother has had some hard times and apparently some of  the Relief Society Sisters had passed the story around church, which really upset this mother. She's a return missionary and knows the church is true, she just really doesn't like some of the people in the ward for what they've done. To make matters worse, the primary president is, in her own words, "attacking her" with texts and calls and unexpected visits to get her to come to activities and Sacrament. When we heard that in ward council yesterday we felt really like the wonderful visit we'd had with this family just two days before was kind of being nixed. I'm not sure what to do right now to help the family but I'm sure we'll find something via revelation!

Sadly we didn't meet with any investigators this week, the Nagaii family's son's health regressed a little bit and so they were busy with the stress that came with that. They did come to the pioneer day activity on base last Saturday though and got to meet several more members. We should be meeting with them this week, they're planning on calling us today or tomorrow.

I'm so glad to get to work with Elder Nakayama here in Yokosuka. I know that this is where the Lord wants me to be, and that we're here for a specific purpose. Elder Nakayama works hard and has a good attitude. I love working with him, and I love working here in Yokosuka. I feel like Ammon, wanting to dwell among this people for however long it takes me to finish the work that the Lord had called me to do here.


Elder Mosdell

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