Sunday, July 14, 2013

7/8/2013: Akiya, long time exposures and families

It might take awhile for me to get used to writing President Wada in my letters, I was just getting used to the switch to Pres. Budge. ;P haha

This week has been pretty good, we've found two families that have interest in the gospel, and I'm excited to start to teach them. We have an appointment with the American family this coming Tuesday. I don't remember if I've mentioned them before, but they're the Nagaii family, the one who's son had an injury a few months ago and still hasn't healed, so they asked us for a blessing. Apparently we made a very good impression on them, and they can really tell that we care about their family. We're going to have dinner and follow up on their son, share a spiritual message about the Plan of Salvation, and then invite them to work towards being baptized. I'm super excited, because I know that right now their big fear is that dad isn't willing to give up some things (probably Word of Wisdom related) yet, but we feel that if we can have a good spiritual lesson where they all feel the spirit that he'll except the invitation to learn and continue to feel the spirit until he feels ready to make that change in his life.

The other family is a wealthy seeming family living on the other side of the Yokosuka peninsula from us. The Hawkington family invited us over to their restaurant so they could meet their son's "Free English Teachers". The meeting went very well, and when we gave them a "Do you know us?" DVD, mom was really interested in studying about eternal families. They were definitely more accepting than they were opposed to what we had to say. Our only concern with teaching them is that they live in a kind of remote part of our area. The best way to get there is to go up, out of our zone to Zushi Station, then ride a bus back down for 30 minutes to where they live in our area. It's kind of expensive to travel to, but we felt like a lot of the people there were very open and friendly, so we might try biking out that way a few times and seeing how people react to our message. Sadly it turned out that visiting Akiya (Fall Valley) was just as hot as every where else in Yokosuka in the summer... No cool fall weather, ;P

There's a lot of potential coming out in Yokosuka, I'm really glad to start feeling like we're getting somewhere again. Hopefully next week will be even better!
-Elder Jeff Mosdell
Mike Wazowski - I guess Jeff got a new keychain?

This must be the "long time exposures" he mentioned in the email title.
Not sure what it is, but it is a neat effect!

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