Monday, August 5, 2013

8/6/13: Helping the couple missionaries move... cont.


This last week was a pretty fun week. We got to meet with the Nagaii family again. Fortunately their son had progressed a little bit so they felt like they could meet with us again. Sadly however he fell the other day at the pool, and that has set him back a ways. It also means they didn't come to church yesterday. Hopefully we'll still be able to see them again this week. I'm really hoping they can go to the Brad Wilcox Fireside this coming Saturday, though I'm not sure they'll be willing to make the journey in their current situation.

This last week at district meeting was awesome! I loved the district leader's idea to only teach using direct quotes from the scriptures, I was able to select a nice list of scriptures relevant to my topic from the scriptures I've compiled for teaching lessons. Sadly due to time constraints I had to reconfigure my presentation, but I still feel like it was a great success. I'm super glad that that list has proved effective. Great great training.

Brother Moore (a recent convert, slightly Less-active) has been doing great ever since we started doing things with him more. I hadn't realized that he'd moved her very shortly after his conversion. There's a lot of things he could use a good refresher on, but he knows that this is the true church, and he comes every Sunday that he back/muscle pains will let him. I think he could benefit from hearing the lessons again, so we'll probably try to teach him something from the After Baptism lessons every time we're with him.  We spent a lot of time with him yesterday, and talked with him about patriarchal blessings. He doesn't have one yet, so we're hoping to work towards him receiving it soon. Sadly his back wasn't feeling well enough to adventure out to Sarushima (Monkey Island), so we'll have to try and go next week with him. That should hopefully provide some great photos for this transfer (which I am rather lacking in for some reason...).


Sorry to those who where waiting on this message, I didn't have a chance to get it sent off on Monday because of our appointment with Brother Moore, and helping the Couple missionaries finish moving (finally).


Thankfully no follow up from the cops, so I guess that means it wasn't as big of a deal as I was afraid. Figures. :) Oh, we also saw Gen "the name of the guy we helped" again the following day. It was 5:00 and he was already pretty tipsy. turns out his family were also at the festival not too far away, so when he saw us he got all excited and introduced us to everyone. It was fun to get to meet everyone, though the whole time Gen was unknowingly trying to polish my shoes with his most recent cup of brew. *Shrug* Good thing I wore my old pair that day.  His son thanked us for helping him home, then informed us that Gen is very much a drunkard... something I'm not sure I'd have guessed on my own. ;P ha ha


Well, I'll email again next Tuesday (temple P-day). シーユー

-Elder Mosdell

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