Monday, July 22, 2013

7/22/13: In the middle of a mountain? (山の中で?)

Having transfers in the middle of the week has been interesting. It's made it a little harder to accomplish all of the related tasks and still be on top of the plans we'd made for the week, but we did our best! I'm excited to have Elder Nakayama here in Yokosuka to work with. Elder Nakayama is 1/2 Japanese, comes from Hawaii, and speaks pretty good Japanese for how long he's been out (coming up on 8 months). He's defiantly very easy going, and is willing to do anything that is important. He may not be exactly obedient, but he has a good attitude and I think he's willing to improve. Hopefully we'll be able to see several miracles here in Yokosuka together.

As for things we actually were able to get done this week;

We had a great lesson with the Nagaii family last Monday. When we invited them to work towards a baptismal date, dad said that he wasn't sure if he wanted to make that promise just yet. But he IS willing to study and seek personal revelation on the subject. I don't know if we could have honestly hoped or a better answer than what he gave us. He hit the nail on the head as far as what we wanted him to do. He hadn't read yet when I followed up on Friday, but had been thinking about what we'd said and was going to read that night. Hopefully their son's leg will continue to improve so that they can make it to church and to the pioneer day celebration this Saturday.

While we were waiting for Elder Nakayama at the train station, Elder Addington and I decide to pass out English class flyer's. Elder Nakayama ended up coming over 30 mins late due to a train mix up, and during that time I met a man named Chris who knew about our church and liked how families are central to our believes. He was planning to come to church, though he didn't show up sadly. Point was though, everything happens for a reason. I'd never have met Chris if Elder Nakayama hadn't ended up taking a wrong train. :)

I got to go back to Fussa yesterday and see the baptism of one of the Spanish families I was working with while I was there. It was so good to get to go back and see old friends from the English ward there, including Jamie and her kids, I even got to meet Chris for the first time! Hopefully I'll get to go back and see them again before I go home when my cousin Lisa gets baptized in November. I also enjoyed getting to see Elder Squire again... I guess I just love reunions :)

We're hoping to do a lot of less active work this transfer, so hopefully we'll see a lot of success come from that!
ジェッフ モスデル
Playing with light and shutter speed

"whoa! ocean baptism are cool"

"Two elders from Spanish Fork and one convert
converted by a missionary from Spanish Fork long long ago..."

"mmmm Sushi Soba dish"

"Almost got the triforce out with a Qtip on fire.... almost...."

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