Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to boy!

He finally got the birthday package we sent.

"I got the package on Tuesday... I think. It was great. :) Everything got here in one piece, and I made the cheesecake later that day. :D It was super good. :D *yay* I've got so much junk now though I don't know what to do with it all haha. It was a fun package. :)

My language is getting better, I just finished the second 200 entry grammer book, and now I'm starting a review/test of all of basic grammer principles from the first book. I'm also starting to study a lot of kanji, because I've found that it helps me remember words a lot better. I'm still far from perfect though, that's for sure."

Weekly update:
 This week has been another interesting week. Elder O. got sick on Tuesday, so we had very little time to go out and try and find people. Fortunately we were able to still teach all the lessons that we had planned, and even were able to set a few more lessons up. He's still a little sick, but he thinks he's good to go out and try and find again. Hopefully I don't come down with the same sickness. >.<

<Our female investigator> only had one chance to meet with us this week. We learned about Tithing in Sunday School, so we taught her that lesson after church. It went OK, but she was a little surprised at it. She also still doesn't have a super strong understanding of why Christ is important, so we talked about the atonement and it's importance, and how we go through Christ. I think she understands more, but she still has some doubts, and because of these doubts she wants to move her baptismal date again, but this time she was thinking of moving it back until January! >.< We're planning on calling her tonight and seeing if we can set up her date for the 11th or the 18th of November. I'm not really sure how to help her at this point anymore. She doesn't really know if Christ is important or not, so this week we think that watching "Finding Faith in Christ" might be a good lesson.

<The young man we're teaching> has been doing amazing! We also taught him the Law of Tithing, and at first he had some concerns, but after the lessons he was super excited to follow it once he's baptised. He mentioned how he's been following all the things we've been teaching him, and as he follows them his life has been getting better and better. Everytime we teach him something he wants to start following it right away because he knows that it will bless his life. We're thinking of moving his baptismal date from the 11th to the 4th, but only if we can meet with him enough times in the next couple weeks. I'm excited for him.

After Eikaiwa class this week (Wednesday) the ward members that come and some of the class members threw a little party for me. It was fun, and I guess all of the Single Adults in the ward got together and got me some origami books since I'm so into that now. :P I'll upload some photos of a few of the things I've been making in the spare time I had since Elder Oman was sick, including a 30 piece star... I'm going to start working on a 90 piece one next I think."

We're still waiting for pictures but thought we'd post this and add them later. Always grateful to hear good news from Elder Mosdell. Thanks for your prayers on his behalf.

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