Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Transfer 7/16

Well, we're running a little behind again this week.  We did get email from the boy and he is doing wonderful as usual.  He and Elder O. will be staying in Tama for at least another 6 weeks.  From what we are hearing the boys in Tama are doing a great job and I guess you don't fix what isn't broken. :)

Weekly update:
"This last week has been interesting... We spent a lot of time prepping things in case one or the other of us transferred, but we didn't transfer. Sadly we still had a lot of cleaning and things to do today... we're not done yet. :\

One investigator is still progressing towards baptism, but kind of felt a little rushed, so we moved her date to the 3rd of November. She still hasn't received a firm testimony of the Book of Mormon, but she definitely agrees that if the book is true, than the whole church is true, and everything we've taught her. She's been able to apply a lot of the Book of Mormon to her life, but she's not yet really felt like she's gotten an answer about the book. We're going to work with her a lot in the next two weeks, and we're hoping that when she comes to General conference (next weekend in Japan) that she'll hear some good testimony's about the Book of Mormon. She's excited to go, and so are we!

Another investigator has been pretty busy lately, and so he's not been able to come to church, but he still has interest, and we've been able to meet with him about once or twice a week. This week (tonight) we're going to be going to a member's house and doing family home evening with him. We're excited, and we're really hoping that he'll be able to meet more in the coming weeks. He should be coming to General Conference.

We found a new investigator this last week while going through old records, and she's been looking at Christian churches for the last few weeks. When we called her she wanted to know right away where and when our Church meets. She came to last weeks sacrament, and said that she enjoyed it more than any of the other places she's been to in the last few weeks. We gave her a book of Mormon, and between yesterday morning to today she read the testimonies in the front, and still has a lot of interest. We're going to be meeting with her on Wednesday morning, and we're going to try and invite her to come to General conference this week.

And that's it for the last week of transfer 6... Starting today I'm now on transfer 7... the transfer where I'll hit my 1/2 way mark... @_@ Wow it's sure moving fast!"
We are, of course, keenly aware that he is nearly to his 1/2 way mark. We rejoice in all the work he is doing, but we also miss him here at home. We love him and look forward to hearing from him each week as well as seeing the photos that he sends. 
Naturally this weeks photos have no captions, so we are left guessing at what they are all about, not to mention seriously wondering at some of the items on the kitchen counter.  Boys are odd creatures I think.


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