Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Compliments for the Tama Elders

So we finally got an email! He did give a reason for being late and it wasn't the typhoon. They went to the temple and met with Jeff's trainer Elder W. He's finished his mission and is going home Monday! They got to spend some time together and were late getting home so they didn't have time to email on P-day. The typhoon wasn't very strong when it hit them. There were gusts of wind that were stronger than usual, but Jeff says it reminded him of the nightly canyon winds here at home :) There was a lot of rain in some nearby areas but not too much in Tama.

With transfers coming up next week we got this from Jeff: "We find out about transfers on Friday this week, since Monday is a national holiday in Japan, and we have to go to the city centers before we transfer. Although I don't think that we're going to be leaving Tama. It sounds like from President that since we're one of the leading areas right now, he wants to keep us here."

Since his birthday is coming up soon we asked if there was anything special he wanted. "Hm... I can't think of what I wanted in the birthday package... I don't really need much of anything that I can think of, but if there's room for a few more jello packets that might be nice. I just finished off my last one yesterday, but other than that... surprise me? :)"

Sadly they've lost contact with one investigator. Another family has said they're not interested in the church right now but they still want to make friends with some of the members and of course the missionaries. The Elders will continue to help the family build a good relationship with the ward and let the members examples help them along. There is another young man who is very interested in the Church but Jeff is worried that he's only interested intellectually. The Elders are inviting him to do things that will grow his faith. But the best is better in Jeff's own words.

"We were able to go to a baptismal service in Hachioji with (the investigator), which was great. She really liked it, and was surprised at how simple it seemed. She's super excited for her baptism. We're getting into some of the bigger commitments with her this week, but she's built up a lot of faith, so we're confident in her! Can't wait for the 20th! We also just found out the other day, that she gave all of her tickets for a classical music concert every Sunday, so she can come to all of church and learn more. We were super excited because we'd being trying to decide when we were going to teach her the ten commandment and keeping the sabbath day holy. We're SUPER excited that she's progressing so well!

Other than that, I think that's mostly it. The Stake President came to our ward today, and when he talked with us before church at the doorway he mentioned how we were leading the Stake right now, and that he appreciated it. We were very excited to get the compliment from him, and we're excited to work even harder now in Tama!"

We had to read the part about the tickets a couple times to make sense of it :) Sometimes his English comes out with a Japanese accent! We are waiting to hear about transfers next week. He and Elder O. get along so well it would be nice if they could stay together, but we know the mission president is inspired by the Lord to do what's best for everyone.

Jeff's trainer Elder W. during their last visit.

The 6'2" Elder O. in Japan :) Silly boys!

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