Monday, October 22, 2012

Post that didn't post

So this post was created last week but didn't get published for some reason.

Jeff's birthday is this week so we sent him a package. In our email this week we listed what we had sent.

"Whoa... that's a lot of stuff in the package... you trying to make me sick?! :P haha Just kidding, thank you! I doubt there'll be problems, though I've not gotten it yet so I don't know. I actually do have a favor to ask of you, can you give me the metric conversions of the recipies you gave to me? So far all I've done is make (very) rough estimates, but it seems to have worked out OK. :) I found some cinnamon sticks and cloves at an import shop the other day, so we made wassle today. Elder O. thought it was crazy good, though it deffinatly wasn't quite as good as when we made it back at home. Sadly I think that has something to do with Japanese sugar/brown sugar not being as sweet. *shrug* oh well! Thanks for sending more cloves and cinnamon. :D"

Wassle = Wassail, a holiday drink we make with orange juice, apple cider, sugar and spices. He told us the weather was starting to cool down and he was craving some but they couldn't find cinnamon or cloves in their local market. Looks like they found a source, but he's still grateful for more from home.

"The girls are on band tour eh, first time w/o an older brother to torment them... hope they're enjoying themselves and not getting into TOO much trouble. :P" I think he misses them.

Jeff is excited to hear that some of the girls he knew in school are now planning on going on missions because of the new announcement regarding the lowering of the age. He's also excited for some of the boys who now get to leave earlier.

"Weekly Update:
This last week sadly had a few less lessons than I had been hoping for, but I'm hoping that this coming week will be a little more promising.
When we met with <our female investigator> this week we were able to address some of her concerns and help her to realize that just because she wasn't born into the church, and that just because she's not really a Christian doesn't mean she can't learn. She's been worried that she won't be able to truly have faith in Christ. Her Baptismal date is now the 4th of November, but we think that we might be able to help her feel ready for the 27th or 28th. I'm so excited for her to progress and grow. She was able to come to conference, and loved the session she came to.

<The young man we're teaching> is doing very well, and was also able to make it to General Conference. It was really fun to see him come in a nice suit. He acted and looked exactly like a member already. His baptismal date is next Sunday, and we think that he'll be able to make it if he can start meeting with us more during the coming weeks, though it's possible that he won't be ready until the beginning of November.

We weren't able to find anyone this last week, but today I had a really strong feeling to go and work in a particular area, I really felt there might be someone there for us to help today. Turns out there was a lady that knew about us, and was doing her own research about our church and others. She expressed to us that she didn't have any interest in pursuing any church right now, but that she'd wanted to continue her own research for awhile longer. We got her address though, and will try to visit her about once a month or so.

That's mostly it, I'm uploading photos from the "hidden city" that we've been working at for the last few days, including today.

As for my birthday I actually have no clue what we're going to do, we were originaly planning on going to the Tama Zoo today, but we found out that the zone leaders want to do that later in the transfer, and the district leader wants to go to the Studio Ghibly museum in a few weeks as well, so I might just go do those and call them "for my birthday". *shrug* we'll see.

And with that I'm going to go eat dinner and prepare for tomorrow. :) Love ya all!

A portion of "Hidden City"

Some of those are bamboo, not trees!

A large spider web - very Halloween!

And the spider that built it

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