Monday, July 23, 2012


This past week we were reminded just how good we have it with our easy email contact and the ability to receive photographs from Jeff every week.  I was feeling a little down because we didn't get any pictures with our email last week, but then I was reminded that many parents don't get to see pictures from their missionary very often if at all.  We use Skydrive to transfer photographs back and forth between home and Japan, the transfer is almost instant and we very much enjoy seeing what our son is up to.  It is also fun to send him a few pictures of what is happening around here. I'm feeling a lot more thankful and less down about our communication situation this week.

OK, blah blah blah... lets get to what you come here for, the weekly update from the boy(s)!  This week Jeff had a lot of fun, fun, fun it seems.  Also we get to hear a little from Elder O.

"Weekly update:

So this week was fun. I had a lot of fun getting to know Elder O, he's a lot of fun. He's from a family of 6, and has a younger brother, and two younger sisters. He's from Idaho, and yeah, he's fun. :) We talk a lot lol, but it's not caused any problems yet so. On Friday we went and climbed Mt. Takao with an investigator, and I've got some fun photos of that that I'll upload. It was about an hour and 20 min up the mountain, and it was a lot of fun. Sadly it was raining once we started, so we weren't able to see too far off the mountain, but it was fun to hike in a cloud. :) I took a photo of "Fuji", but again because of the cloud.. well yeah, you can't see it. :P oh well. After that we went to a type of restaurant called "Shabu-Shabu" which is pretty cool, and I'm not sure how to explain it other than all you can eat meat for and hour or so, plus tasty ice cream. It was fun :) Sorry, no photos of that one. :P

Lastly for this weekly update I want to try something new... Here's Elder O: "WOW! THAT'S A LOW PRICE! Hey everyone! Nice to meet you. Elder Mosdell is awesome! WE have quite a fun time talking to one another. We can never shut, it's quite funny. yeah... lol smiley face! Yeah anyway, I'm just a crazy Idahojin that loves potatoes. have fun!"

Here are some of the photos that we got this week, we didn't get any captions with the photos, so your guess is as good as mine.  Japan is beautiful isn't it?

I'm guessing that on a clear day we would be looking at Mt. Fuji in the back ground here.


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