Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Mission President

Being a temple week we didn't an update from Jeff until later. He has this to say about his new mission president:  "I got to meet President Budge and his family last Saturday. I really like them, and I'm excited to get to work with them for the next year and a half(ish). I'm amazed at how fast the first four transfers with the Albrechts went past, it felt like it'd be forever before the switch. But anyways, President Budge is (no surprise) VERY fluent in Japanese, and he's very energetic. Another thing I like about the Budges, is that their 13 year old son is here with them. So I technically have a "little brother" now, even if I don't really get to see or do anything with him."

Jeff did get to the temple this transfer, but it was really close. Being a little further away and with the size of the mission growing he has to get up at 5am in order to get there on time. He's still enjoying the opportunity to go but says he may not go every transfer depending on what his companions want to do. They have investigators, but none that are progressing as fast as Jeff and Elder M would like.

His Japanese has progressed, but now he's discovered that he's just good enough that people feel that they can tell him when they don't understand him. It seems that's fairly common. "More or less the language is still extremely hard, but i guess that's the thing about Japanese, the learning "curve" never really curves. It's pretty much a straight 45 degree angle the whole two years."

Jeff sent a funny reply to Laura's email last week. She said he could have her sushi because she won't touch the stuff. "Thank you for your portion of sushi! Don't mind if I eat it when the district goes to sushi this Thursday. Yum yum yum." Then he commented on her plans for the Homecoming dance with this, "Homecoming? Bleh, why would you want to go to something with gross boys... Oh wait..." Such a silly brother.

Jeff says these are banana creme and chocolate creme sandwiched between 3 saltine crackers. "They taste 'zackly' what they seem like." Don't know if that's bad or good, LOL.

A cool little grove to take a break in while housing.

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