Monday, July 2, 2012

Food, glorious food!

This week's email and photos from Jeff had a lot to do with food.

"Tama ward is AMAZING! Holy wow! I don't know about other missions, but here, normally the missionaries have a basket at the church that every now an again some members put some food in. In general how much your getting is a good sign of how well you're working with the ward. Apparently this last week the ward had some kind of "plot" and everyone got us something (or rather a lot of somethings). I didn't take pictures myself, but I'll post Elder M's. There was SO much food we couldn't even carry it back from the church in one load! We were SO SO surprised. We weren't even sure what we'd done lately. The best part of the whole thing was the notes that were written to us and a few "anonymous" emails we got from ward members telling us how thankful they are for our work, and how it absolutely made their day to see how taken aback we were when we came downstairs after church. I absolutely love serving here in Tama. It's a great area, it's pretty, the ward is amazing, everything we need is within 10 mins by bike."

"For P-day today we went to a sushi bar (very similar to the one I ate the squid at last transfer) with an investigator. It was a lot of fun, though it's very different going with two Japanese people, than just with another American. I defiantly ate a lot more sushi than they did, but that's OK, it was good.  OH and cheap! 90 yen (90 cents) for a plate with two sushi on it! It was SO good! Sushi is defiantly my favorite so far in Japan."

Glad to see he's enjoying the food and getting along well with the members in his new ward. They also had a pretty crazy week:

"We went on splits twice this week, once with our district leader, and once with the zone leaders. When we went with the District Leader Elder M went with him, and I went with Elder H... Elder H and arrived at the MTC and Japan at the same time, and while is Japanese is quite a bit better than mine, we had a lot of fun when we couldn't understand what people were saying. We got lost for several hours too, but it was fun to be with someone from my same group.  We both were trained in the same zone, but it was a really neat experience to share the "best practices" we've learned over our mission so far and to compare and learn from each other. On Splits with the Zone Leaders I went with Elder P, who was one of my zone leaders for all three transfers in Chiba zone, and he is now (still) my zone leader. I went on splits with him once my first transfer. We did talk a lot about our Zone, and he really feels that our zone has a lot of the best missionaries in it right now."

Sounds like he's in a great Zone with great Zone Leaders! That will bring many blessings to him. We are very happy that he's doing well and feel blessed by the members in Tama.

A "pretty sweet" garden they came across.

One of the notes from a Tama Ward member.

Some of the food given to them.

A full refrigerator!
Jeff says they now have 5 times the food they had before.

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