Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another New Companion (transfer 5/16)

Some times we just get a really short email that tells us the boy is still there and doing all right.  This week is one of those super short ones, but its all good.  Elder Mosdell just got an new companion again. It sounds like all is well aside from the joyous experience of real humidity which two desert boys are learning all about right now. ;)

Here is the weekly update as Jeff wrote it for your kicks and giggles:

"Elder O is my new companion. O-man is he fun! ;) lol, we both talk a lot, so that's been fun. We started the transfer off really good so far. When he was in high school he did a lot of things, but his favorite was golf, and he's pretty good from what I've been told. He's from Idaho, and is on transfer 7 this transfer, he's also a good several inches taller than me, so that's a little weird. :P He also played the alto (saxophone), Tuba, Drums, and Trombone for a few years, and was actually a drum major in high school too! Needless to say, I think this transfers biggest challenges are going to be NOT spending all day just talking, and surviving the August heat... It's already super nasty right now, but everyone says it's just going to get worse. GROSS! Well... I can't think of anything else really new this week, so I guess that's it. :)"

I'll add photos when I get some, he hasn't sent any as of yet this week.

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