Monday, July 30, 2012

This is the one and only photo we got this week, so I guess we'll be looking for more next week. Today's email let us know that he did get the package we sent which contained oreo cookies and other requested items along with some letters and a whole bunch of love. Always nice to hear that the package not only arrived but was appreciated. :)
He also told us that he would be hiking Mt. Takao again in a few weeks, but with the district this time.

"A fun panorama that I took on Saturday while we were looking for a referral. This is the edge of our area. Sorry this is all I have right now, I had Elder O. take most of the photos this week, and I haven't gotten them from him yet so..."

"Weekly update:
This week has been a crazy. We went housing on P-day, and we were able to find a new investigator and a really good Potential Investigator. I'm WAY excited to start working with them, but sadly we haven't been able to meet with either of them again yet, though we've been mailing and keeping in contact. Eikaiwa was pretty good this week, we had a few people call us and they're planning on coming this next Wednesday, so hopefully it'll grow a little! Sadly we also got sick this week from cooking in a non-stick pot that started to disinagrate and make our food taste funny, but we were able to clean the apartment while we were sick, and we're OK now so. :) Lastly we spent most of Saturday (4 hours straight in the heat) on our bikes searching for a referral that we couldn't find, but we think we've figured out where he lives now and we'll visit him on Tuesday"

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