Monday, March 26, 2012

Not much info but extra pictures :)

We got a seriously short email from Elder Mosdell this week.  He received the package we sent and has eaten all of the Hershey's cookies and creme Easter eggs (a whole bag of them) that we included. They had a pancake party at which one of the extension cords they were using to power the griddles shorted out and scorched something that looks like a tarp, and he got a hair cut at some point.  Other than that not much news.  Heck, we cant expect a novel every week can we?

We did get a lot of pictures this week though. 8)

Pancake Breakfast

The results of the power cord shorting out!

According to Elder Mosdell this is an orange.

"Is it good? I can't tell..."
(hair cut by Elder W)

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