Monday, March 12, 2012

First bike crash

Here are some of the highlights from Jeff's week. Tuesday overlaps from last weeks post.

"Tuesday: We visited Sister Y (the wife of a non-active). We've effectively started considering her as an actual investigator now. We found out it was her birthday on Wednesday.... oh and I wrecked my bike on the way there... I'm fine aside from a greenish bruise I notice on my leg yesterday and my bike is ok other than the mud gaurd on the back broke off later in the week, and the front tire and handlebars weren't lined up right for awhile, but I fixed them. Sadly for the guy that I hit (he darted out into the street and stopped right in front of me) I ended up headbutting him with my helmet. He had a nasty headache, but we both got up on our bikes and left with no problems so.... It's all good. :P Corners are kind of scary in Japan because of the lack of ability to see around them, there are mirrors for cars, but it's hard to see another bike from on a bike in them.

Wednesday: Baked cookies for Sister Y and her family and took them to her for her birthday.

Thursday:  I wend on splits with my District Leader, Elder F. He's a way cool Japanese Elder. When I first got here I was really nervous about him because I thought he didn't understand hardly any English. Boy was I wrong! He's not fluent, but he understands, and it helped my Japanese a lot :D. He taught me another secret to making better ramen, while the noodles are cooking, fry up an onion, some carrot, meat, and/or some sweetcorn. Basicly anything that would go good with it. Once the noodles are done, just throw w/e you fried on top at go at it. :)

Friday: Oh boy, this was a good day :) We left in the morning to go to District Meeting (where splits ended). After District meeting we went to a Korean BBQ place called "Green's K" In Narita area. I've got some photos of that! You go in, order a main dish that's around 8 dollars, then you get to go in and it's a buffet of Japanese food :) I'm not sure how much I ate... but several bowls of curry, some yakisoba, and a few other dishes (I don't remember their names). It was SO good, and I ate so much that I didn't feel like eating anything for the next day. The coolest part was the grittle in the middle of the table. You actually cook everything yourself, so it's done the way you like it :)

Sunday: The aniversery of the Earthquake here... though I didn't hear about that until the end of the day when we were teaching a practice lesson to the S family. It's supposedly comparable to 9/11 in the states. They fed us dinner... and gave us nato (ugh >.<) gross gross gross! (fermented soybeans >.<)

Nothing too new as far as food other than what was outlined above, you could probably get nato at the asian food market ;) Eat it with some rice and maybe some seaweed. I hear it's most "tolerable" on toast. muahahaha have fun :P"

So a week of good news, excitement, bruises and good food (except the nato).

An excited Elder 8)

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