Friday, April 6, 2012

Good news and fun

So last week's email was short because on Monday Jeff and his companion had a long lesson with an investigator because things aren't going well and then he had to fix his bike from hitting a pothole on Sunday. On Tuesday they had an investigator tell them she'd come to church. Wednesday is the day they teach English class at the church. They had a new student who is fairly fluent in English, but he dues use "mate" a lot so Jeff thinks he learned English in Australia. 8) Then they had an investigator commit to baptism, he just hasn't set a date yet. He had attended a baptism the Sunday previous so that was a good experience for him. On Thursday they attended a four zone conference in Matsudo. Then on Friday they had another lesson with a female investigator and she set a baptismal date for the 21st of April! They are super excited about that. 8) Saturday they spent the day cleaning their apartment because they had "super strong winds (worse than Spanish Fork on a normal windy morning at the mouth of the canyon) and rain." They were told to stay inside. Here's what Jeff had to say about Sunday, "SHE CAME TO CHURCH! Which was amazing :D" They may let the Sister missionaries from Inage take over teaching because they have been having a hard time getting members who can go with them. But they will still be stopping by for visits and will definitely be at her baptism!
Glad to see he's happy!
Jeff ended up sleeping through the strongest earthquake to hit the area since he got there. It woke Elder W up and he stayed up for a while responding to messages asking if they were ok. We know that the mission office will do checkups as well as the district and zone leaders. There are also members who check on the missionaries frequently too. It's comforting to know there are plenty of people watching over our missionaries!

Jeff and his companion played "guess and check" on some riceballs that were on sale at the 7-11. They didn't understand most of the kanji on the labels so it was an adventure. Jeff got one filled with salmon eggs and one with cooked fish (probably tuna he thinks). He thought they were both great. Elder W was grateful he didn't get salmon eggs, he thinks they're way gross. At the zone conference on Thursday they had Bento boxes. Jeff got one with yakiniku (fried meat) and then won a second one (they had extras) with a round of rock, paper, scissors 8) silly Elders! He wasn't sure what was in the second one, but he says it was "way good!" Sounds like a hungry missionary to me.
Spring is coming slowly to Japan and Jeff wishes it would "kick into gear." They will be watching conference next week. Jeff is thankful it will be in English for the missionaries. He is very excited to watch it.
Some cute kids that came to English class
A game they played in English class

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